A Rarity in the Sweater & Jersey World

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We strictly follow following health & environment policy to ensure a healthy working environment

Factory Cleanliness:

Our cleaners clean the whole factory regular basis to maintain a dirt and dust free factory interior.

Disposal of Waste & Effluents:

There is an insignificant quantity of raw material waste, packaging material which are disposed of through local vendors who crush wastes for various domestic and industrial uses. The factory floor is free of any kind of liquid effluent. Local vendors are not allowed to use or have access to wastes that may cause harm to the environment or to humans.

Lighting of Factory Interior:

The factory floor is lit with tube light sets exceeding those are as per requirement of the floor . All exits and stairways of factory floors are equipped with proper emergency lights. Production floors are equipped with a sufficient number of ceiling fans and industrial exhaust fans for proper ventilation and cooling.

Drinking Water:

There is sufficient and regular supply of fresh natural drinking water stands in convenient locations on all floors.


In our factories we have sufficient toilets separately for male & female workers. All the toilets are equipped with proper washing and rinsing facilities.

To ensure sound health condition of our workers I workplace we have,

•  A qualified registered Doctor and qualified and well-trained nurse are employed full time to assist with medical and nursing needs of all factory workers.

•  Apart from these, forty(40) first aid certified employees are available in the factories during all working hours and are equipped with appropriate first aid kits.