A Rarity in the Sweater & Jersey World

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COC Issues:

Our skilled compliance team has been working hard to surpass all requirements of humanitarian management and establish a model working in environment in accordance with the local legislation. In order to ensure a continuously improving working environment, we adhere with the COC issues listed below:

  • Transparent pay roll ensuring minimum wages
  • Overtime/Maternity payments
  • Prohibition of Child Labor
  • Prohibition of Forced Labor
  • Welfare facilities
  • Environmental protection
  • Security compliance
  • Disciplinary practice
  • No discrimination
  • Occupational health & safety (OHS)
  • Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining.
  • Compensation and fringe benefits
  • Working hours.
  • Grievance procedure

Best Practices:

  • Yearly picnic
  • Production incentives
  • Financial Aid for medical treatment and marriage of workers.
  • Group Insurance for 100% Employers.
  • Cash payments daily to inspire  operators who can meet the target. This is Completely not included with individual salary / wage/ incentives.

We are continuously committed to ensuring the below activities:

  • Safety precaution:

 All machineries and equipment are well protected in accordance with local laws and international factory safety guidelines.

  • Building & Structure:

 Building and its associated civil structure were according to the building codes.

  • Machinery & Plant:

 All machines and equipment are well protected to ensure workers safety.

Workers are well trained on their safety & security. Periodical  awareness program being conducted through out the factory for all workers.

  • Staking, Packing and Storing material:

Factory warehouse is strategically equipped with pallet for staking or storing different yarns in areas where there is no electricity connection to avoid the possibility of short circuit accidents.

Metal Detection:

Tung Hai uses a broadest range of metal detectors in its separation facilities. Whether looking for small ferrous or nonferrous metal pieces, tramp metal, digger teeth, knitting or linking needles and any kind of metal piece down to the size of 0.1 microns, mechanical contact can be detected to ensure the elimination of every metal contamination possibility with the highest level of accuracy.

Fire Fighting:

In accordance with fire safety policy requirements, different types and sizes of portable fire extinguishers have been strategically placed and marked for easy accessibility through out our factory premises based on the total floor area. Govt. approved Agency    inspect and training periodically in accordance with government safety laws.

Trained Security  Personnel:

A strong security team is available full time to protect our human and material assets, maintain discipline and prevent terrorist related activities.